1962 - 2017, Canadian Space Exploration Timeline

M3 (Mahnoor, Mashal, and Melvina) - SECC (Space Exploration and the Canadian Contribution) is a Canadian-based space exploration archive, which adds a Canadian perspective to the majorly US, Soviet Union, and European narrative on international space exploration (space race). 

This exhibit will identify Canada’s presence within significant space milestones between 1962 and 2017.

We will highlight significant Canadian contributions to the emergence and continuous development of international space exploration using media from NASA and the Canadian Space Agency data.

All media and data derived from these organizations grant permission to reproduce for non-commercial purposes (educational purposes). 

Mahnoor AdnanMashal KhanC. Melvina Nwanna

Left to Right: Mahnoor Adnan, Mashal Khan, Chinonyelum Melvina Nwanna


Canadian Space Agency, NASA